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This book is a collection of the rules, insights, and action steps of our journey through 2020. Our intention for writing this book is to highlight the silver - the hope, inspiration, and growth we experienced as a group at that moment in time and space. We believe these rules can be used as guideposts for anyone’s journey forward.

Enjoy the timeless wisdom to help navigate your life as we move forward into more stable times.

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Have you ever asked yourself, "If I know better, I will do better?" If so, the insight and wisdom within these pages will set you on the journey to becoming a better person. We all aspire to become a better person - a better leader, husband, wife, partner, parent, doctor, nurse, healer or teacher. This book discusses the nine Paramount principles to facilitate high order thinking which allows you to think clearly, reasonably, rationally and emphatically, properly, and accordingly. Weaving together concepts from enduring spiritual and intellectual traditions with practical suggestions for today's world.

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Soul stirring, thought provoking and heart opening, Dr. Glenn Mendoza unveils universal spiritual truths that deepen our understanding and experience of our soul.  Through these pages, we discover and explore the meaning of sacred wisdom, awakening our hearts to the innate desire to strengthen our spiritual connection as we experience that very thing between the pages of this profound book.  A must read for anyone looking to grow on their spiritual path.

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Powerful parable to remind and inspire Pranic Healers that the vital work of moving healing and spirituality forward depends on a loving heart, a desire to serve, and our deep unwavering faith in the Spiritual Teacher.  Read to remember the true purpose of our spiritual work does not always equal the outcome of our actions, but more importantly the growth we experience as we align and set our hearts intentions on a purpose greater than ourselves.  A must for anyone on their spiritual path who is longing to make a difference in the world. 

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A beautiful story that infuses magic in the hearts and minds of readers as they embark on a loving journey of transformation. Join our Little Caterpillar as she journeys through her fears, lets go of the past and embraces the good to help her transform and move forward as we are all meant to do! A metaphor and story of inspiration for all ages.

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The Real You is a remarkable primer to guide people of all ages to look beyond our physical form to see the spiritual truth of who we really are.  This book is beautifully displayed with colorful images and simple text to express the inner spiritual teachings simplified for young children, or serve as powerful reminder for adults that we are more than this physical body, we are the soul!

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