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100 Days of meditation

I find it so appropriate that we are concluding our 100 days of daily meditation on the Summer Solstice, a time of new beginnings.

Let me explain….

100 days ago, we gathered in uncertainty. The first night, I announced that it would be for the next 7 days. But we continued through 3 powerful full moons, we connected with over 50 countries, translated in over 15 languages and joined in nearly 100 hours of meditation together.

I pause in this moment, this day of the summer solstice, when things are blooming, the sun is shining, and new beginnings are celebrated. I am aware of the collective light we have nurtured. I see it in each and every one of your eyes and I hope you feel it in mine as I look out at all of you.

I want to extend my gratitude. Sincerely – from my heart THANK YOU. For your time, your dedication, your smiles, your playfulness, your openness to learning and growing.

We came together when the world was scattered and separated in fear… but each and every person who is present here choose a different path. We came together, we took refuge in a deeper truth. We found our answers and peace below the surface of the turbulent waters.

Together we joined in this virtual space and created a haven, a cocoon to heal, to grow and to transform.

And that we did.

During interviews famous people such as Oprah and Seinfeld have been asked “Why did you end at the peak of your potential?” They responded similarly that it was important to end at a time of strength when their work was at its fullest capacity, its fullest energy and fullest participation.

In spirituality, it is said, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. But when the student is REALLY ready, the teacher disappears.

I wish I could explain to you, energetically how you have grown. I really wish I could convey to you the spiritual development of your energy, the strength of your chakras, the healing and transformation you have experienced from being part of this group.

I end this daily meditation now at 100 days when we have been going strong, when your energy is high, and your focus is clear. But trust me, I leave you now because you are ready to move forward different.

And THAT, I expect you TO DO.

We were given the energy for a reason. Because this is ending, passes the baton to you. Share what you have learned with others. Start your own Meditation on Twin Hearts Group. Join us for Achieving Oneness with the higher soul in July.

Continue with us on Wednesdays, invite your friends, join at full moon and important events. We took refuge as caterpillars, but we end as butterflies, with our wings spread and the world ahead of us.

Keep yourself strong with everything you have learned. Do your meditation daily. Learn to heal and help others. Practice your inner reflection and firm resolution. Smile, dance and inspire others.

This is your new beginning. This meditation was never about ME. Meditation on Twin Hearts was the tool we used, and this tool is always available to you. You have wings now, the need for the cocoon is no longer there.

We are more than prepared for the “new normal”


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