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50+ Days Of “House Arrest” — What You Can Do To Feed Your Soul...

By Davia Tamin,

Written by Davia Temin,


But to do the inner work needed to actually bear the pain, and heal not only ourselves, but our world at an essential level, a growing number of people are rediscovering spiritual practice. As we have slowed down, and shut in, many of us have had to face some of our worst fears head on, without distraction. Prayer and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practice appear to be growing in response, as an authentic way to approach confusion, fear, uncertainty, and panic.

Futurist Edie Wiener actually predicts that, in reaction to the confusion and global re-evaluation sparked by the pandemic, spiritual practice will become a much bigger trend than it already is.  

Meditation has been proven to be a powerful tool not only to relieve stress and increase focus, but to rewire brain circuitry and more. Transcendental Meditation (TM)Buddhist and Shambala practice are all extraordinarily powerful, centering and calming. They have been shown to alter our brainwaves, and even change our DNA, says John Paul Titlow in Fast Company

“In a recent study, the use of mindfulness meditation was shown to have an impact on certain types of DNA in breast cancer patients. Specifically, the length of telomeres–these are the tiny protective caps on the end of chromosomes–was physically altered as the result of this type of meditation.”

So today, there are vast groups of meditators who are meeting on Zoom nightly to pray and meditate during the time of coronavirus. 

Pranic Healing

One of the most extraordinary global movements that is gaining traction as we speak, comes from a disciplined called Pranic Healing. I was introduced to the practice by a dear friend, who is himself a highly gifted healer. We have been attending Global Coronavirus Meditation sessions nightly on Zoom for the past 50 days, and I have found a group of energy healers who more than anything - and for free - want to help heal the sick — individuals, families, communities, and even the planet. Every night over a thousand meditators from literally scores of countries on almost every continent work to direct healing energy not only to themselves, but to complete strangers, and the earth itself.

Now, I’m usually a pretty pragmatic “Show me an angel and I’ll paint it” kind of person…but this feels like it has enormous power: it feels like the real deal. Pranic Healing as a discipline incorporates and pays homage to every religion and lineage, and combines their wisdom while seeking to channel collective energy to do serious good in this troubled world. 

Leading 1,000 Healers a Night Through the Global Lock Down

This branch of Pranic Healing, started by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in 1987, is led by Master Glenn Mendoza, MD. A professor and practicing neonatal pediatrician, he is now President of the Center for Pranic Healing and Chief Medical Director of the Pranic Healing Research Institute.

Every night for the past 50 days, he has led a Meditation for Global Healing of the Coronavirus, an incredible dialogue with participants in which he guides, cajoles and inspires them to meditate, to breathe, to cleanse, to exercise, and to understand more and more about the discipline of finding and channeling the inner and outer light, to heal one another and the earth. 

In fact, one might say he is helping to direct light and energy into this dark night of our collective soul. I certainly know these sessions are adding shape and meaning to a rootless, scary time, but I believe they have even a higher goal.

Says Master Glenn, he started this nightly meditation — from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm each night initially just for 7 days. But when people around the globe (it is live translated nightly into at least 15 different languages) started to flock to the meditations, he just continued. 

Says he: “Then a strong thought came to me that in moving an extraordinary and noble work a person must have no agenda, no hidden reason, and no self-interest. That makes that person invincible. Just DO!”

So, he was then going to end after 40 days, but now, at 50 days and counting, and seeing the global impact of his teachings, he is in full swing, and setting his sights on celebrating the Buddhist celebration — and Pranic Healing celebration — of Wesak, this coming Thursday, May 7th.

Wesak is the celebration of the Buddha’s birth, on the nearest full moon. “There is nothing so powerful as meditating as a group globally in tens of thousands so we can change the world.” This year, they are expecting a group of over 70,000 from around the world to begin meditations at 5:45 in the morning, ET.

Filling both a deeply spiritual need in so many, and giving us all a way, when feeling helpless, to help someone — Pranic Healing is here, and available to all. The Wesak meditation celebration will start at 5:45 am on Thursday morning, and then continue into a day of study…. The morning celebration is free and open to us all. 

To join the live streaming, just go to Facebook or the Wesak website , or the YouTube site  and follow the directions.

It will soothe your soul, raise your spirits, keep your hope alive... and just possibly help to heal the planet. 

See you there. 


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