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Change we must...

Written in 2004 for an Arhatic Yoga Newsletter

As we seriously embark on our spiritual practice through Arhatic Yoga, a good mantra to remember is "CHANGE WE MUST."

Through constant awareness, understanding, practice and living of the Five Virtues and Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga in our daily lives, inner transformation will happen.

Change We Must.

We may not know what to change to, or what needs to be changed.

But Change We Must.

Life's journey without a goal is like getting on a plane without a destination. Unless we have a life goal, we will travel in different directions and that ultimately leads us nowhere. Even if the goal is distant, long or for this moment unreachable, that is fine. At least it is there. Look into where we were, and where we want to be for this year, next year and beyond... for Change We Must.

Look into any and every momentous event or change of events in the past year or in our lifetime that has changed us or made us want to change our views, our dreams, ourselves and even others. Do Not Change Others First. Look at Ourselves first.

Surely Change We Must.

Acknowledge and recognize those who have helped us change, those who have healed us, those who have inspired us and those who have become part of every fabric of our life.

Change We Must, for nothing is static. Everything is changing and transforming.

Change We Must, indeed, for without change we go backwards as the world keeps evolving.

Change We Must, as our path calls. Life if the journey and God is the goal.

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