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Father's Day reflections 2020

The sounds of laughter, feet shuffling, plates clanking and the refrigerator door opening over and over... endless conversations that pick up as soon as they end... the words, emotions and joy are expressed effortlessly because they come from the heart. I smile deeply, as the essence of family vibrate through the all of my senses.…this is our home.

Being a father to my three boys and grandfather to my growing grandchildren hold layers and layers of the sounds of joy in my heart. The laughter, the banter, the encouragement, the teasing, the fun, the support, the love, and the lessons learned are the sweet memories on which I happily stand.

To see my children creating families of their own, raising their children with the same joyful laughter and endless conversations warms my heart like no other.

Life is not always perfect, but our family has been divinely blessed as the love we share has always been stronger than the struggles we face. The laughter was louder than the tears and smiles wider than the frowns.

My greatest Father’s Day gift is to see my boys turned into men raising children of their own with the same strength of love holding them steady on their path, as layers of laughter and time together build the fabric within the walls of their heart.

May our love continue to create the haven of family and the joy be the air we breathe. Family is the moments we share and the essence of our times together. May the strength of our love always hold us steady on our path. To ALL fathers of the world, I share the joy and treasures that came my way. ❤️

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