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The Mighty Sun....

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Sunset Meditation

Together we saw the sun at precisely the same moment paused in time, ablaze with beauty and fury as it playfully teased us with colors of green, orange, pink, blue, purple, and gold...

Right before our eyes, we witnessed spiraling counter suns ascending and descending in splendid indigo blue. The vastness of its presence laid before us radiating an intense love and vibrancy that effortlessly pierced the fabric of our soul.

This rich and soulful experience flowed effortlessly, as magical moments usually do. Our senses were brought to life as we experienced a brief oneness with the mighty sun.

Way beyond our usual awareness, we all sat silently accepting that those of us who were there, would always and forever be in awe and wonder of this amazing moment in time.

The time we bowed to the Power of God. OM. Sunset Point Meditation on 01/28/2020 @ MCKS Arhatic Yoga International Ashram Pune India

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