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You are My Sunshine...

As my youngest granddaughter turns one across the world in Singapore, I find myself flashing through moments of my life... my family… my travels… my past and my future.

All of these memories of joy, feel like rays of sunshine upon my mind as I sit back to reflect and smile as an echo of “You Are My Sunshine” hums in my mind. The endless happy moments highlighted with touches of laughter, jokes and bantering are what I will remember.

How I would have loved to have been there to hold my sweet grandchildren on this special day, but yet I find the love within my heart is no less at a distance. The sweetness of our calls and smiles in our videos hold no sense of separation.

Grandchildren encapsulate emotions like no other as they segment fragments of time through their milestones… indicating for us to pause… breathe… and reflect…. on how sweet life is, as they devour the sweetness in their own ways…we both smile, sharing the moment together.

To my Darling Granddaughter, memories of consoling you in my arms for hours and hours as you cried, now fill my heart with some of my most heart warming recollections.

Vera, I sing to you to share my love with you and hope our time together nurtures the seeds of our family within your heart. My wish for you this birthday is that someday you will also reflect on the beauty of family as ‘You Are My Sunshine’ echoes in your mind. May flashes of memories dance upon your heart like rays of sunshine forever reminding you that life is a gift… our family is a gift… and the memories of joy and laughter are precious and priceless gifts.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Vera! Your eyes hold the light of love, and your smile radiates the joy of life’s endless possibilities. YOU are MY sunshine, and may the light of YOUR heart shine upon the world for all to see. 

~ Popsy


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