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Faith and Trust in the Teacher... Mahasamadhi 2020

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Mahasamadhi is when a great and enlightened soul consciously and intentionally leaves the body.  Today, March 19, many full moons ago, a great soul and a spiritual giant, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui left his worldly existence.  During his life, I had the honor and privilege to spend fourteen years to study and work under his instructions.


Fourteen years may not seem like an extended period of time, but the breadth and depth of experiences I had in the presence of Master Choa Kok Sui could fill endless lifetimes.  Of the many gifts, my sensing to trust and have faith in divine order; the unfolding of a higher purpose and belief that we are guided when connected to a cause greater than ourselves is etched upon my heart.


Today, we honor the divine timing of his choice to leave this world and the trust he had in passing the torch of the priceless teachings unto those he believed in to carry his work forward. My faith is strong because my connection to the Teacher is strong. The gift that has been entrusted to spread his teachings is beyond my human comprehension.  My trust in him has fueled my heart, mind, and actions through many late nights, long days, extensive travels, endless healings, numerous workshops, global retreats and much more.  The core of who I am is sustained by my love for my Teacher and his Great Teacher's work.


Throughout the years, I see the gift of his love awaken the inner torch within the hearts of those who are moved by his work.  I see our Teacher’s love ignite the light of hope and service in the hearts of others and fuel them through their late nights, long days and endless dedication.  They also bear the mark of faith and trust etched on their hearts.


In the current state of the world right now, I stand with my eyes firmly fixed upon my teacher, GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.  I know the faith that has led me this far, will continue to guide me regardless of the change in external circumstances.  As I walk this path of light and love, I am accompanied by hundreds of thousands of Pranic Healers, Arhatic Yoga Practitioners and their families around the world who have been deeply touched by the life and work of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.  


Let us use the love for Master to channel through us as we make this world a better place.  Together we love, together we have faith and trust… together we continue to carry his work forward.  


In Service to the Work, we honor our Great Teacher today and every day forward.  With my deepest and most reverent Gratitude, Respect and Love.

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