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Strength in Numbers

150,000 People Meditated Together at the Same Time...

For over two months we have been isolated in our individual homes around the world. As we witness our physical lives becoming more and more restricted, we are simultaneously witnessing the emergence of another world, a world without walls and without fear… the vast, endless landscape of our own inner world.

Thousands have been gathering daily in many parts of the globe for meditations, prayer brigades, healing pods and more to be instruments of love and light to help ease our personal sufferings and the sufferings of the world. For those who have participated in these groups, they know the power of its effect: calmness, clarity, hope, faith, peace and positivity - even among the upheaval and uncertainty of the pandemic.

No greater event than The Wesak Festival, the most powerful Full Moon Meditation of the entire year could convey just how many people are reaching for the light in this time of darkness.

In 2018, it was reported that around 30,000 Pranic Healers and their families gathered in groups globally to participate in this powerful worldwide meditation. In 2019, there were over 50,000 meditators that gathered globally. An astounding number of people gathering at exactly the same moment in silent meditation.

Now, in 2020, isolated in our homes and cut off from our regular routines and physical connections because of the coronavirus pandemic, we witness a huge outpouring of people seeking a deeper spiritual connection. On May 7th at 6:45 a.m., the exact time of the Wesak Festival Full Moon, we have recorded that close to 150,000 Pranic Healers, families, and friends gathered to experience the beauty and intense meditation felt during the Wesak Meditation. That is a dramatic increase from last year.

What is the importance of numbers? Numbers create momentum that can lead to lasting change. If the meditation works well for us individually, its power is amplified exponentially in a big group. The loving action of one can make a difference in a handful of lives, but the loving actions of thousands can transform the world.

At a time of physical separation, we have found spiritual connection, at a time of fear and uncertainty, we have surrounded ourselves in an unwavering light. As we watch the unfolding of the “New Normal” emerge in our physical world, we have a deep Peace within, knowing it holds no comparison to the changes and development of the world that is unfolding within us.

Do not delay your meditation practice. What one person can do is an act of grace. What many people together can do is an act of God.

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